News Item: Practice Review - 2014/06/22
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Posted by gryd3
Tuesday 01 July 2014 - 18:36:44

Hi everyone, well some of you who will remain nameless asked for more endurance and i think i delivered today. we had a brand new paddler out to day as well as a couple almost new paddlers come and paddle. To these paddlers i say way to go and sorry at the same time. we started with a paddle half way to sasquatch park. we did front half, ( SIX ) paddlers and back half ( EIGHT ) paddlers several times. we also worked on pulsing every second stroke. first all together and then front half, back half. I better mention we did not stop we kept paddling. We finished with a couple of power tens and a 20 to 30 power finish. We let it ride, stretched and switched sides.

We then did it again and just about made it to sasquatch park. We had a water break and started on starts and transition and race rate and power 15s and race rate. We let it ride and worked seat drills from back to front. We started off with one seat back to front. then two seats, then three seats, then four seats. then half the boat and the other half of the boat. we worked really hard to keep pressure on the back of the paddle on every stroke. The new paddler never quit, to bad she's from the east coast because i think this girl has potential. Also everyone in front never quit either, this is were the other new paddler ( one practice under her belt ) was sitting. we did a 500 meter race piece from north of the break water to the signal tower which felt strong. i asked and got every ounce of power out of all of you. I looked around and was surprised to see everyone was soaked. not with water but with good old hard work, everything you have, sweat. Yes we were all glowing. ;-) Randy will down load the video and send it to me and I'll send it to you. look at what you were doing correctly when fresh. then look what broke down when you were getting tired. then look at the last race piece and be amazed on how you all came back to life. No question in my mind, when we all put it together at the same time we can fly. Every practice will be designed to push you all to your limit and ask for a couple more strokes, a little more power, a little bit more timing, a little bit more attitude. Race attitude.
We had two paddlers join two teams from Victoria at the Vancouver Alcan this past week. Adriana's team finished 4th in a very high rec division. Scot team finished with a bronze metal in another division. Both did our club and team proud and I'd like to congratulate both of them. We had one of our Optimist eagle ( Michaela ) join the Fraser valley youth team and they also did very well.
So Tuesday we'll be bring out the go cam's again so we can all see our strokes and again fine tune the needed parts.
It was a great hot and shorter then normal practice. Shorter because we paddled harder, longer distances and in time for the most part.

Manfred A Preuss
Co captain & Co Coach of the;
H.P.S. Crusaders
" Never Surrender "

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