12/03 :  Paddlers, men and women wanted for the 2016 season

   The Crusaders Mixed Dragon boat team are looking for people to come join us. we are a high level recreational team that prides ourselves on bring new paddlers up to a high level of paddling skills very quickly. Usually less then one season's time.
Catch the excitement with us. Call or text 604-795-0550 and I'll answer any of your question. Check out our Crusaders dragon boat Facebook page as well.

Let this year be the one to test how great you can be

01/07 :  Practice Review - 2014/06/22

   Hi everyone, well some of you who will remain nameless asked for more endurance and i think i delivered today. we had a brand new paddler out to day as well as a couple almost new paddlers come and paddle. To these paddlers i say way to go and sorry at the same time. we started with a paddle half way to sasquatch park. we did front half, ( SIX ) paddlers and back half ( EIGHT ) paddlers several times. we also worked on pulsing every second stroke. first all together and then front half, back half. I better mention we did not stop we kept paddling. We finished with a couple of power tens and a 20 to 30 power finish. We let it ride, stretched and switched sides. Read the rest ...

12/03 :  Server Relocation and Roll Back

   Server hosting has changed, and we were unable to get the latest backup of the system before needing to move. We have had to roll back to June 14 of 2013, which was the most recent available backup.
Please inform the webmaster if there are any missing details that need to be fixed! Thank you.

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25/05 :  Harrison Paddle Sports Club now has a new dock.

   Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Harrison Paddle Sports Club will now be docked at Killers Cove Marina.
All paddlers will need to park outside of the Harrison Marina and walk to Killer Cove Marina.
This should help to warm you up before hitting the water.

Please give Special Thanks to Jim at Killers Cove Marina for allowing us to dock at the Marina.

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15/04 :  The Inner Metronome

   I grew up as a classically trained musician. I have played in quartets and orchestras as a violinist / violist. One of the most important things in music is Time. We need to be on the right beat. We need to feel the rhythm.

In a quartet, everyone needs to be one - breathing together, playing together, knowing each other's parts and anticipating the music. (Of course, we must train so that we are also in tune and musical - but that's for another entry).

In dragonboat terminology, we call this: staying in sync.

Read the rest ...

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